Kimberly Sustad - Updated May 2024 (2024)

Kimberly Sustad is a prominent Canadian actress. Kimberly Sustad is known for her performance in A Godwink Christmas (2018), Down River (2013), and The Romeo Section (2015).

Early Life

The prominent actress, Kimberly Sustad was born in her birthplace, Ottawa, Canada. Regarding her birthdate and age, she hasn’t publicized it until now.

But through her husband’s Instagram account, it has been known that she was born on the 27th of May.

When she was young she migrated to Winnipeg, Canada with her family. Similarly, she holds up Canadian nationality and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Besides this, she has loved art since her childhood.

Though she loves cats but is also allergic to them. Once she had to take antihistamines, an anti-allergy drug, as most of her roles in the film required her to be with a cat. This incident took place while she was filming ‘The Nine Lives of Christmas’.


Reflecting on her education, she had completed her bachelor’s in acting from ‘Trinity Western University.’ Besides this, after her graduation, she started to learn Theatre.

Earlier she used to participate in school plays but learned the craft after she graduated high school.

Kimberly Sustad’s twin daughters

Kimberly Sustad is a married person. She has married her longtime boyfriend Scot Sustad. The couple had shared their vows in the year 2004. Reflecting upon her husband, Scot is the CEO of The Arrival Store.

As well as the Vancouver-based website development agency ‘Digital Hot Sauce.’

He is a Canadian entrepreneur and community builder, The romantic couple started dating each other while studying at ‘Trinity Western’.

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Similarly, in the year 2017, the couple was blessed with twin daughters named Vienna and Ari. And have a third daughter, too. Moving toward her history, there was a rumor of their divorce began surfacing.

Later the rumors turned out to be false, and the two seem happy in their marriage. Similarly, there are also speculations that Kimberley and Scot may not be married at all.

Kimberly Sustad – Body Measurements

The prominent actress, Kimberly Sustad stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 57 kg. She has a body measurement of 32-25-35 inches and has brown beautiful eyes and dark-brown hair.

Kimberly Sustad – Professional Life

Focusing on Kimberly Sustad’s career, she had begun her journey as an actor in Seattle. There she actively did theater for a while and worked with some great talents. She had even done several original plays with Lewis Black for the ‘Rep.’

Likewise, she had worked at ‘The Cheesecake Factory” to earn extra money. She had even starred in many ‘Broadway productions, such as ‘Boeing-Boeing’ at Vancouver’s Arts Club’ and ‘One Slight Hitch’ at ‘Contemporary Theatre’ in Seattle.

Then, she transformed her career when her manager recommended her name to actor-screenwriter Andy Tennant.

Likewise, she had featured a role as a series regular. But unfortunately, the show got canceled. Then, she showed up in a TV movie named ‘Thunderballs’.

In this movie, she was featured as ‘Nikki’. In the year 2009, she starred in a short titled ‘Live Henry Live’.

After gaining a lot of frames from the movie ‘Thunderballs’, she realized that as an actor, she should be open to different platforms to survive.

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Then, she started scouting for film roles and got an agent in Vancouver. Similarly, she had the recurring role of ‘Brooke Cross’ in the year 2012. This is a Canadian–British science fiction ‘Primeval: New World.’

The same year, she appeared in four more shows, ‘Alcatraz,’ ‘A Bride for Christmas,’ and ‘Supernatural.’

The next year (2013), she featured in the police-procedural drama series Motive’ and the Canadian science fiction ‘Continuum.’

As well as even appeared in the superhero comics video ‘Super Buddies’ from the ‘Air Buddies’ franchise.

After 2013

Moreover, she then switched her career from TV to film with the Canadian drama ‘Down River.’ She appeared in the TV movie ‘Baby Sellers (based on child trafficking).

Then, she continued working on TV and made appearances in series such as ‘Witches of East End,’ ‘The Nine Lives of Christmas,’ ‘Spooksville,’ and ‘A Bit of Bad Luck.’

In the year between 2015-2016, she played in the Canadian spy thriller series ‘The Romeo Section.’ There she starred in the role of ‘Kelly Hadler’

Additionally, some of her other movies include ‘All Things Valentine’ (2016), ‘Hearts of Christmas’ (2016), ‘Walking the Dog’ (2017), ‘The Real Stephen Blatt’ (2017), ‘Cooking with Love’ (2018), ‘Past Malice: An Emma Fielding Mystery’ (2018), and ‘Traveler’ (2018).

She even appeared in four episodes of the miniseries Unspeakable’ in the year 2019.

Kimberly Sustad – Net Worth 2024

Without a doubt, she surely earns a very good amount of money through a career as an actress.

She might earn through other sources too, but she has not mentioned any. However, her estimated net worth is around $1 million as of 2023.

Social Media

Similarly, she is active on all social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter.

She has gained over 64.3k followers on her Instagram having the username @kimberleysustad. Then, she gained more than 434 followers having the user name @stanleykarl42.


Kimberley Sustad, the talented Actress and Writer, has some interesting personal preferences. She’s a big fan of the “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings” movie franchises, which reflects her love for captivating storytelling.

When it comes to favorite actors, she admires Russell Crowe and Julia Roberts, along with enjoying the performances of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Kimberley also values spending time in nature and often takes her daughters to a nearby park, demonstrating her love for the outdoors. Additionally, she has a passion for traveling and embarked on a memorable road trip with her husband throughout their state two years ago.


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Kimberly Sustad - Updated May 2024 (2024)


Is Kimberly Sustad still married? ›

She has been married to Scot Sustad since 2004. They have two children.

Did Kimberly Sustad have a baby? ›

Does Kimberley Sustad Have Any Children? The A Godwink Christmas star shares two kids with her husband.

What nationality is Kimberly Sustad? ›

Where was Hallmark's Lights Camera Christmas filmed? ›

Kimberley Sustad: Yeah, we have filmed in small towns like Gibsons, B.C., where we've had to take like a little small ferry over there; and they have transformed all the entire downtown into a scene of a Christmas movie.

Where does Kimberly Sustad live now? ›

When Sustad is not acting, she enjoys staying in shape through kickboxing, boxing or outdoor activities such as rock climbing or snowboarding. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC. Follow Kimberley Sustad on Instagram and Twitter at only these official pages.

What Hallmark movies has Kimberly Sustad written? ›

Credits (text only)
  • Three Wisem*n and a Boy (TV Movie) (post-production)
  • 2023 Magic in Mistletoe (TV Movie) Debbie.
  • 2023 To All A Good Night (TV Movie) Ceci.
  • 2023 Fourth Down and Love (TV Movie) ...
  • 2023 Game of Love. ...
  • 2022 Three Wise Men and a Baby (TV Movie) ...
  • 2022 Lights, Camera, Christmas! ( ...
  • 2022 North to Home (TV Movie)

How tall is Kim Sustad? ›

Profile summary
Full nameKimberley Sustad (née Starmer)
Height in feet5' 10”
Height in centimetres178
Weight in pounds137
20 more rows
Aug 3, 2022

Who is Brad Paisley's wife? ›

Country music star Brad Paisley and actress wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley open free toy store to give families the dignity of choice this Christmas.

Where do they film most of the Hallmark Christmas movies? ›

The majority of Hallmark movies are filmed in Canada (didn't see that one coming) and typically set in larger cities near Vancouver. Some filming locations have even gone so far to cross the pond. For example, Christmas in Vienna really was filmed in Austria.

How does Lights Camera Christmas end? ›

Brad asks Kerry to dance with him and the two kiss each other very romantically. Ending Kiss: Kerry is excelling as a costume designer on set of the movie and Brad tells her that she was born for this career.

What Hallmark movie was filmed in Niagara Falls? ›

Falling in Love in Niagara” is airing on the Hallmark Channel and available to stream on Hallmark Movies Now and Peaco*ck.

How many Hallmark movies has Kimberly Sustad written? ›

And on top of acting, she even has a few Hallmark writing creds under her belt, having co-written Christmas by Starlight (2020) and Three Wise Men and a Baby (2022). Here, take a look at some of our favorite Kimberley Sustad movies to date!

What was Kimberly Sustad's first Hallmark movie? ›

While A Bride for Christmas was indeed her Hallmark debut, it wasn't until 2014's The Nine Lives of Christmas where we saw her embody her leading lady persona.

Who is Scot Sustad? ›

Scot Sustad is 5x startup co-founder and is currently the Visionary and President of Inbox Booths.

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