Guide - Bingo Guide for July 2024 (2024)

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Bingo Brewers Discord (Free God Splashes)
The Bingo Brewers mod has released in Beta with ingame splash notifications and Crystal Hollows chest waypoints.

Overall Bingo Difficulty: Medium (3/5)

All Goals​

Row #1​





Blow up 75k Crypts in The Catacombs.Use Superboom TNT from Walter in the Deep Caverns OR Explosive Sheep from the mage class.None

Podium Position

Obtain a Bronze or higher Medal in Jacob's Farming Contest.Wheat in the Hub, Mushrooms with a Silk Touch axe, or Potatoes in the Garden are viable crops.Potato is recommended if you build a farm on your Garden.

Powder Collector

Collect 50,000 Mithril Powder.Find powder chests in the Crystal Hollows.Use the Bingo Brewers mod to find powder chests.
The Goblin Holdout is recommended because it has easier chests and you can use Goblin Eggs you find to spawn a Golden Goblin.
You can also collect powder from Fetchur and the Puzzler.


Reach 3 ⫽ Ferocity.Reforge an uncommon or higher rarity weapon with Dirty.Some splashes may have an SOS Flare active.


Store 3,500,000 Coins in your Bank.Kill endermen with a Scavenger 5 Dreadlord Sword while mining Ender Nodes in order to sell Mite Gel.You can also kill Arachne for Soul String, which will also give you Enchanted String for String Collector.

Row #2​




Fairy Finder

Obtain 25 Fairy Souls.Self-ExplanatoryYou can find souls using NEU's /neusouls on command or on the wiki.

Goblin Slayer

Kill 2M Goblins.Self-ExplanatoryA Dreadlord Sword is recommended.

High Score!

Obtain a score of 250 or higher on Floor 2 of Catacombs.Get carried by someone or use party finder.None


Obtain level 10 in the Combat Skill.Kill Ice Walkers with a pickaxe.None

I Am Speed

Reach 250 ✦ Speed.Attend a Bingo Brewers splash.None

Row #3​




String Collector

Reach 60,000 String Collection.Use Spider Minions to passively grind this.You can also kill Arachne (~125) in order to get all or part of this goal.

Emerald Treasure

Unlock an Emerald Dungeon Chest.Get carried by someone or use party finder.You need 230 score for the Emerald Chest.

Operation: Ore

Break 10M Ore Blocks.Mine Cobblestone in the Dwarven Mines.You can also build a cobble generator on your island.


Wear 12 unique Armor Sets.Iron, Gold, Diamond, Chainmail, Ender, Leaflet, Farm Suit, Squire, Rosetta’s, Celeste, Starlight, Mushroom.None


Obtain a Cat Talisman.Use this strategy to quicky unlock the Cat talisman.None

Row #4​




Rock Solid

Equip an Uncommon or higher tiered Rock Pet.Mine Cobblestone in the Dwarven Mines or using a cobble generator on your island. You unlock an Uncommon Rock at 7500 ores, but you can also Kat the Common Rock you get at 2500 ores.

Skill Average

Reach a non-cosmetic Skill Average of 1411.PassiveRemember to do your daily enchanting.
Brewing stands were disabled and you can no longer level alchemy easily, you can still get some levels from farming Nether Wart.


Reach 500 ❤ Health.Enchant your armor with Growth.None


Gain 750M Farming experienceSelf-ExplanatoryNone


Craft a Hot Potato Book.Farm Potatoes in the Garden or the Hub.This requires 50k potatoes.

Row #5​





Craft a Small Backpack.Kill cows or mushroom cows.None

Is This Safe?

Consume a Mushed Glowy Tonic Potion.Fish near other player's Chum Buckets for maximum chumming (4).Splashing this does not count
Don't buy a Chum Rod, it isn't worth it.

Strange Eggs

Spawn a Golden Goblin.Use Goblin Eggs from opening chests for Powder Collector to spawn Golden Goblins.None

Pet Hoarder

Obtain 12 unique Pets.Bee, Grandma Wolf, Bingo, Rock, Jerry, Rabbit, Pig, Enderman, Chicken, Owl, Silverfish, Griffin.You can substitute any of these for Oringo Pets if they are available.
Bat (Use a Silk Touch Golden Axe), Endermite (Get Enchanted Endstone from Ender Mites) or Armadillo (Use the Bingo Brewers mod to locate Prehistoric Eggs) Pets are other options.
You will need to run chicken minions with Enchanted Eggs in them for eggs. You can get the first Enchanted Egg with a Chicken Head, but it requires 2500 Chicken Collection so run the minions early.
You can buy a griffin pet from Minister Diana.


Collect 100k Pelts.Kill animals for Trevor.You can use /warp trapper to quickly get to him.


Overall Bingo Difficulty: Medium (3/5)

Step-by-Step for the Start​

Once bingo opens lobby hop until you can create a profile.
/hub immediately and go to the designated hub in splashes for a splash.
Equip your Bingo Pet and begin farming wheat, sell an inventory of wheat for quick coins and buy a sword.
Go to the Spider's Den and get the 3 easy relics (-142, 82, -340/-201, 83, -352/-341, 122, -252).
Unlock The End and Dwarven Mines.

Recommended Minions​

Recommended Minion Slots: 9-10

Spider minions will be the primary minions you run this bingo. It is possible to get string from other sources like Arachne, but minions will be much easier.
Chicken minions are also essential, but you will not have to run them for very long. You need the Enchanted Egg recipe, and then you need to run them with Enchanted Eggs in their upgrade slots until you have enough for your pets.

Additional Information

Do your daily commissions until HOTM 3.
Remember to unlock the Mining Speed perk at HOTM 1.
Use Better Together (500 mining speed) and Gone With The Wind (300-600 mining speed) to your advantage.
You can get coins from doing relics in spider den. (Max 310,000)
Mine sand to reach mining XII for the Dwarven Mines.
Put #BingoBrewers after our splashes!

Guide by Dredlig, HunterTheHunter, Indigo_Polecat
Website by XessDx

Guide - Bingo Guide for July 2024 (2024)
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