Traditional Collections / Legal Remedies

High volume computerized services that accommodate the trend to small balances will be growing from now on.

All self pay and self pay after insurance balances are received through a sophisticated IT system capable of handling a large and small volume of accounts.

Collection accounts will be worked regardless of balance. Credit reporting will be made according to our client’s policy. Proper compliance with FDCPA and HIPAA is maintained throughout the process. Accounts will be called using our predictive dialer and will receive written communication in a 3-letter dunning series. During this initial phase, accounts with bad information will be skip-traced using the latest computerized tools. If payment arrangements have not been made, the account will be assigned to an individual collector. The collector will continue to contact the debtor according to proper FDCPA practices. If the collector determines that an account should go to lawsuit, a form is required to be completed for the client’s authorization to sue.

The lawsuit cycle is comprised of the lawsuit team and will proceed with litigation and judgment. Remedies (liens, attachments) will be filed according to the policies of our client.