Special Projects

Special Projects are similar to Receivables Clean-up. The difference is that Special Projects can be anything, while Receivables Clean-up generally follows a specific transitional fact pattern.

A special project may be required if your largest payer re-prices a few thousand accounts and they all have patient payment responsibility now. You may discover that several thousand patient balance accounts have not received statements for a year or more. If you discover that a large payer has been sending payments directly to the patient rather than you, you might want a special project.

Each of these fact patterns have been presented to our clients over the years. They had to make a decision, whether to write off the accounts and take the loss or pursue them and risk a customer service nightmare. They trusted us to tactfully and professionally work through the accounts and recover most of the money with little to no complaint from the patients.

We apply our cutting edge technology to a plan of work that all agree is best and train our staff in what to say and do by way of explanation. All letters are customized to fit the circumstances and we set up a mini-call center to make out-going calls and take in-coming calls. All reports and remits are customized to our client's needs and in two or three months the accounts are back on track with little disturbance in our client's staff productivity.

We are proud that our clients always call us first when they have a problem.