Receivables Clean-Up

When a medical practice, hospital or clinic is bought, sold or dissolved, we manage the patient balances.

Special handling is always required. If a medical practitioner is retiring or moving to another practice, it is important to be able to fully inform the patients where their medical records are and how they can be secured if needed. Custom mailings and a solid plan for fielding in-coming calls are required to make any transition seamless and professional. Well trained staff members and the latest technology are the key to good results.

Simple things like the ability to route the in-coming calls to the specially trained staff members automatically and setting the database so that the background color of the computer display matches the color assigned to these accounts, help assure that there will be no errors.

We were challenged by a large, nationally known hospital to collect $1,000,000.00 in 45 days from 4,600 accounts stranded by a computer upgrade. We collected $1,657,000.00 without a single complaint.

We customize our reporting and remit as well as our patient contact. Bring us your worst nightmare and we will help make it go away.