Early Out Collection / Customer Service

The early out collection services provided by Joseph R. Harrison Co., LPA accomplish the following goals:

  • Free your staff to concentrate on insurance follow-up and more productive issues;
  • Reduce your AR and increase cash flow;
  • Reduce your patient balance collection costs;
  • Reduce patient complaints regarding patient balances;
  • Identify and reclassify charity accounts sooner and at less cost.

Methodology - An Overview

All accounts remain on your system under our approach.

  • We use remote logons to work these accounts, live on your system.
  • We handle all incoming calls and use our dialer to call guarantors on a pre-arranged schedule.
  • We mail your patient statements saving you the cost of postage.
  • We process all mail returns on your system.
  • We convey all information received regarding hardship, insurance, contract adjustments or complaints to you immediately by fax and through our client liaison.
  • You do all cashiering and re-classification of accounts.
  • We exchange data weekly regarding accounts to call on our dialer.
  • Your file comes to us on Monday, A.M., and contains all patient balance accounts with the date the account rolled to self-pay.
  • We merge this file into our existing file dropping any accounts from our file that did not come on the new file. This is where we eliminate paid in full accounts and reclassified accounts. We also update balances and demographics.
  • We select calls from this updated file and load them on our dialer. Our file contains the type and date of our last call.
  • We call through the selected accounts and as we work, our dialer automatically marks the "busies" and "no answers", and our employees code the payment arrangements, messages and bad telephone numbers. Our employee also makes notes on your system as we speak to guarantors. Calls are made in the evening and on Saturday.
  • On Friday evening, we extract the calls we made during the week, transmit the file to you and your MIS Department updates our activity by putting a credit note on your system that corresponds to the status code in our return file.
  • We skip trace for new addresses and telephone numbers and provide credit scoring. Current demographics are entered on your system by our staff.

When your criteria indicate accounts should be placed for collection or to a payment monitoring service, you place them as you would any other account.


On a weekly basis, and as soon as possible at the end of the month, we ask that you present to us a dollar figure of monies collected in the patient balance category.

We will present you with an invoice for the month's collection, based upon a percentage of patient balance monies collected. Our fee is 7% of these payments.