About Us

Joseph R. Harrison Co. LPA is a non-traditional law firm providing legal professional collection services focused on serving the healthcare industry in the collection of patient balances. Our thirty year commitment to professionalism, technology, methodology and innovation has allowed us to deliver the service the industry needs, when it is needed. In addition to traditional legal services, advice and bad debt collection, the firm provides many innovative services to our clients. Most recently, we have developed a methodology that allows our clients to curb the rising volume of patient balances before they go to bad debt without third party intervention. We understand your image in the community is important and must be upheld at all times. Our motto is "Nice people working smart for you."

A Word About Joesph R. Harrison Company, LPA

Joseph R. Harrison Company, LPA has provided legal professional collection services for more than twenty-nine years.

The strength of the firm's reputation rests on its three-fold approach to receivables management, which includes the application of:

  1. The professional resources
  2. State-of-the-art technology
  3. A methodology designed for results

The firm was founded by Joseph R. Harrison, an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio. For the last thirty years, Mr. Harrison has concentrated his practice in the area of collections.

Mr. Harrison has worked with most leading hospitals and medical providers in the region, as well as National Cable Companies and lenders of all types.

In addition to his legal training and experience, Mr. Harrison has extensive knowledge of computer applications and electronic communication which have enabled him to develop a computer-based collection system which preserves the professionalism of his practice.

Joseph R. Harrison Company employs a staff of thirty, including three attorneys.